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Weekend Retreat: Meeting the Enneagram

EVENT DATE: May 31st, 2024

Meeting the Enneagram weekend retreat 31st May – 2nd June

Facilitator: Julia Fullarton

Dates and Time: 5:00 PM Friday 31st May - after lunch, Sunday 2nd June 2024

Cost: - $495 single accommodation - $345 shared accommodation - $230 non-residential


RSVP: (03) 5156 6580 or email info@theabbey.org.au

This weekend retreat will introduce you to the Enneagram, a powerful way to understand your personality, moving from ways of being that constrict you, towards a healthier way of living. You will look at the core motivations of your life, the healthy messages that you have missed, and how these have informed your life till now. During this weekend, you will discover the gifts that you bring to the world and begin (or continue) a journey of honouring these gifts in your life and community. You are also likely to gain some insight into various ways that people in your life experience the world differently from the way you do and learn how to better empathise with both you and others. Julia brings a wealth of training and experience to this weekend retreat.