For matters relating to the temporal or secular affairs of the Church, the Bishop is assisted by a Council. Members are either ex officio, appointed by the Bishop or elected.

They take responsibility for the administration of a variety of things from the management of funds raised by Diocesan property to responding to the Bishop’s request to take action in order to promote the mission of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Constitution of the Council:

a) Ex Officio – the Vicar-General

  • the Dean of Sale
  • the Archdeacons of the Diocese
  • the Registrar
  • the Chancellor
  • the Advocate
  • the elected members of the Anglican Trusts Corporation of the Diocese of Gippsland.

b) Appointed

  • three licensed clergy
  • three eligible lay persons appointed by the Bishop

c) Elected

  • three licensed clergy
  • six eligible lay persons elected by Synod in accordance with this Act.