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Anglican Development Fund - Gippsland

For over 40 years the Anglican Development Fund has played a very important role in providing loans to parishes throughout the Diocese of Gippsland. Whether for a new parish hall, some badly needed renovations to the parish church or any other capital expenditure. In fact since its inception in 1971, as the Diocesan Rolling Fund, most parishes in the Diocese have benefited from ADF loans. None of this would have been possible without investors concerned to support the work of the Church by this means. In the current interest environment an investment with the ADF pays a relatively good return, when compared to equivalent bank products, and with no account fees or charges becomes an even more attractive investment option. Best of all, when investing with the ADF you can be secure in the knowledge that you are helping the growth of the Anglican Church and that you, your family and your parish community will benefit directly from your investment. It’s your fund, and Anglicans in all parishes are encouraged to participate in the Anglican Development Fund.

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