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100 Years of Worship at Kilmany

December 21st, 2016

A service was held at Kilmany Church in the Parish of Sale on Sunday 18 December 2016 at 2pm to celebrate 100 years of worship. The service was led by Dean Susanna Pain and Bishop Kay Goldsworthy who preached. Archdeacon Ted Gibson and Mrs Betty Robertson gave their reflections on the occasion. People all over the Diocese were present to support the Kilmany congregation. Mrs Betty Robertson was presented with a certificate for her service to the Kilmany congregation.

Historical Note: On Christmas Eve 1916, St Alban’s was consecrated at Kilmany. The building had been disassembled and transported from the mining town of Grant. As it was a very large building , half of the materials came to Kilmany; the remainder was used for the present church at Boisdale. It was a beautiful building but sadly it was destroyed in the bushfires of 1944. For 30 years, worship was held in what is now the church hall. Then in 1982, Dean Gibson negotiated the donation of the old Kilmany Presbyterian Church building from the Uniting Church. It was lovingly restored and refurbished by the congregation. There are so many stories to tell of faithful ministry in this place, of struggle, and strength and celebration. We thank God for this church and God’s people in this place.

Bishop Kay Goldsworthy and Dean Susanna Pain enter the Church
Clergy, former Deans and others.Back Row: Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, Merryn Stevenson, the Rev’d Thelma Langshaw, Judy Collins, Dean Susanna Pain. Front row: the Rev’d Graham Mcrobb, Harold Hadland, the Rev’d Ted Gibson, Betty Robertson, the Rev’d Barry Johns, the Rev’d Fred Morrey, the Rev’d Lyndon Phillips, Nancy Missen
Betty Robertson receives a certificate from the Bishop with the Dean looking on.
The Dean, Betty Robertson and the Bishop