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Donate to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

July 1st, 2020

Please click here to see Bishop Richard’s message

The Diocese of Gippsland and the communities of east Gippsland are deeply moved and profoundly grateful for the prayers and generous support offered by so many individuals, parishes, dioceses and other organisations around the Anglican Communion in response to the bushfire crisis, and assures those dealing with fires and the threat of fires in other parts of our state and nation of the continuing prayers of the clergy and people of Gippsland for you also.

We request that donations to support the continuing work in the fire affected parishes directly to our diocesan emergency trust fund by EFT, as follows:

Account name: Gippsland Emergency Relief BSB: 705077 Acc: 00040664 (zeros must be included) Ref: Name or Organisation - Fire Relief