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Two New Aussies

December 9th, 2016

The Rev’d Graham Knott, Rector of Leongatha and Mrs June Knott became Australian Citizens at a ceremony in Leongatha on 23 November 2016. Graham’s family moved to Australia from the UK when he was very young. He grew up in Tasmania and South Australia. In his late teens he returned with his mother to the UK expecting to stay for only a year. A variety of circumstances including caring for his mother until she died resulted in 23 years passing before he was able to return to Australia for the first time on holiday. It was always his dream to return to the land he called home and it has taken a further twenty years to see the dream become a reality. June says: "I married an Aussie man: well one who has always thought of himself as Australian having grown up here. For him England was always grey and closed in, which I didn’t understand until I had my first glimpse of the outback. Australia has always been home for my husband and so is home for me."